5 Totally Original Items to Add to Your Wedding Registry

5 Totally Unique Items to Add to Your Wedding Registry

It’s wedding season, and Amazon has you covered with their amazing registry perks. Start a wedding registry with these unique items and enjoy free shipping, a free gift from Amazon when anyone purchases a gift for you, and discounts on any purchases you make from your registry after your big day.

#1 Our Adventure Book Wedding Scrapbook

Wedding Gift - Our Adventure Book Wedding Photo Album Scrapbook

Totally reminiscent of a certain animated movie with the sweetest tragic love story, this adventure book is an ideal addition to your wedding registry. Use it to scrapbook your first year of marriage or continue adding to it over the years.

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#2 Monogram Wine Cork Holder

Wedding Gift - Wine Cork Holder - Metal Monogram Letter

Whether you’re special occasion drinks or simply like to pop open a bottle on your weekend date night in, this monogram wine cork holder is the perfect way to display your used corks in a fun keepsake.

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#3 His and Hers Funny Coffee Mug Set

Wedding Gift - Funny Coffee Mugs for Bride and Groom

Somewhat irreverent and completely tongue in cheek, this wedding registry must have is perfect for those couples whose foundation is built on love and sarcasm. 

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#4 Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Wedding Gift - Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

There is little more beautiful than choosing the person whose hand you’ll walk with throughout the rest of your life. Memorialize that statement in plaster and add this keepsake hands kit to your wedding registry stat.

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#5 Eat, Drink, and Be Married Bamboo Cutting Board

Wedding Gift - Eat Drink and Be Married Bamboo Cutting Board

Cutting boards are absolutely essential and a great wedding registry addition on their own, but clever quotes to help you crack a smile every time you cook together are even better.

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