8 Clever Gadgets to Make Traveling with Kids Crazy Easy

8 Clever Gadgets to Make Traveling with Kids Crazy Easy

Traveling with kids is an exercise in patience and planning, but these clever tools can make a world of difference on your next family vacation! Check out our top gadgets to make traveling with kids crazy easy.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for kids

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids - The Minted Life Lifestyle Blog for Women - Gift Guide for Women

Comfortable, available in your child’s favorite color of the week, and completely wireless, these snazzy headphones for kids are ideal for traveling! Simply turn on your device’s bluetooth setting and sync these babies up and a wire-free and comfortable trip. Did we mention they are volume controlled to prevent damage to your child’s ears?

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2. Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Little ones need their beauty rest, but sleep during long trips is hard to come by. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, this neck pillow is extra comfy and wraps to provide full support for your child’s head as they sleep.

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3. Kids Backseat Organizer

Kids Backseat Organizer

Ideal for traveling with kids by car, this backseat organizer straps to the seat directly in front of your child and provides a place to play, color, and read. When folded, it stores all of your travel activities neatly inside and has a clear pouch for watching a tablet.

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4. The Travel Book for kids

The Travel Book for Kids

Make your trip even more exciting by giving this travel book to your child before you even leave! Traveling with kids is a grand adventure, and this book takes your child around the world in just a few pages.

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5. Magnetic Board Game Set

Magnetic Board Game Set

Board games are great ways to pass the time and build valuable social skills. Throw a magical magnetic element in there, and you have the perfect travel activity for kids.

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6. Interactive Travel Journal

Interactive Travel Diary and Journal

Help your child record every special moment and memory they make with this interactive travel journal—beautiful, simple, and engaging!

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7. Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief for Kids

Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief for Kids

The last thing you want to deal with when traveling with kids is motion sickness. Provided you follow the medication directions and have the all-clear from your child’s pediatrician, Dramamine is great to keep on hand just in case.

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8. BusyBags Activity Travel Bags for Kids

Busy bags keep kids entertained and engaged with a whole variety of activities on those extra long car rides or plane trips. Traveling with kids is even easier with one of these busy bags along, and the clear material makes it easy to find and organize all of your activities.

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5 thoughts on “8 Clever Gadgets to Make Traveling with Kids Crazy Easy

  1. Filomena Yarosz says:

    My new granddaughter will love this if I win! And if I don’t I will buy her some of the stuff on this site!!

  2. Jo Ann Bischetsrieder says:

    These are all great items for traveling with kids. I took many (half) cross country trips when I was a kid and wish I had even half of these items then.

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