6 Practical Gifts Every New Mom Needs to Have

6 Practical Gifts Every New Mom Needs to Have

Motherhood is a rewarding chaotic beautiful mess, and new moms deserve the world. However, most will totally accept an extra pair of hands for the laundry, a warm meal, and a half hour babysitting time in exchange for a hot shower. When you can’t lend a hand, consider one of these practical gifts for new moms.

#1  Organic Baby Milestone Blanket

Make it easy for the new mom to capture her new baby’s growth with this beautiful milestone blanket. This blanket is super soft, certified organic, and made from muslin cotton. 

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#2  Programmable Slow Cooker by Instant Pot

Gifts for New Moms- Slow Cooker

There is so much going on in those first few months that the last thing many new moms wants to do is figure out dinner. This slow cooker from Instant Pot is an ideal gift for new moms with a huge array of features, programmable delayed start, and versatility.

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#3  Handmade Spa Gift Basket

Gifts for New Moms- Spa Gift Basket for Mom

Handmade in California, this spa gift set includes 3 all-in-one bath kits for an all-inclusive bath experience every single time. Each bath kit comes with everything a new mom could need for a relaxing bath all to herself.

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#4  Essential Hand Wash and Lotion Set

Gifts for New Moms - Hand Wash and Lotion

New moms spend a lot of time washing their hands. From general hygiene to keep germs away from the new baby to after every diaper change, that’s a lot of washing… and a lot of dry skin! Gift a new mom you know with a gentle hand soap and lotion to help replenish her skin and prevent damage.

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#5  Hard and Soft Teething Necklace

Gifts for New Moms - Teething Necklace

Tiny fingers love to go exploring when mom is snuggling them, breastfeeding, or bottle feeding. What at first seems sweet can often become painful as baby learns to scratch and smack. Teething necklaces like this hard and soft necklace give baby something to play with or teeth on while the new mom relaxes or just uses a hand to get other things done.

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#6  C-section Recovery Panties

Gifts for New Moms- C Panty

Being a new mom is certainly not glamorous, and the physical recovery can be brutal. For moms who’ve had a c-section, the C-Panty is a lifesaver. The C-Panty is clinically tested, OB/GYN approved, and made with features like a silicone insert over the c-section incision site.

For moms who did not have a c-section, there is also a great postpartum belly wrap that makes a great gift for new moms in need of a little extra belly support.

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