6 Subscription Boxes for Writers You Need to Write Better

Girl Boss Gift Guides - 6 Subscription Boxes for Writers You Need to Write Better

Becoming a successful writer doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes a little monthly inspiration, encouragement, and resources are essential. These subscription boxes for writers are just what you need to get those creative juices flowing every month!

1. Scribbler

Subscription Boxes for Writers - Scribbler

Praised as one of the best subscription boxes for writers, Scribbler includes a new book every month (typically signed or with a book plate) along with monthly tips and advice for writers, tools for writers like prompt workbooks and pens, an invitation to a private monthly chat with industry leaders, and access to a Facebook group of other writers. 


2. Across The Page

Subscription Boxes for Writers - Across the Page

Across the Page is a subscription box for writers that focuses exclusively on resources and tips for aspiring screenwriters, playwrights and cross-genre writers. 


3. Letter Club

Subscription Boxes for Writers - Letter Club

Not all writers are looking to create the next bestseller. For those writers who just love to act of writing to someone special, Letter Club is ideal. Each month includes a selection of custom letters, cards, and prints every month.


4. Found and flowered

Subscription Boxes for Writers - Found and Flowered

If you’re a writer who loves to journal, this is the subscription box for you! Every Found and Flowered box arrives with beautiful writing prompts and ephemera to fill your own journal with.


5. Saturated in Ink

Subscription Boxes for Writers - Saturated in Ink

“Saturated in Ink is a love song to pens, paper, and ink.” This subscription box for writers is ideal for those who love to journal and send notes to a favorite penpal. 


6. Writer Care Kit

Subscription Boxes for Writers - The Sated Muse

The Writer Care Kit is the perfect self-care subscription box for writers! Rather than sending tools and resources to write, it focuses on helping you write your best by sending you snacks, coffee or tea, inspirational tidbits, and motivational items to keep you writing strong all month long.


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